How to use fontawesome icons?


How to use fontawesome icons?

FontAwesome is a font that produces icon. Using FontAwesome is quite easy. First we need to call the FontAwesome style file. You can download the file from here. Then we need to use <i class='fa'></i> tag to show FontAwesome icon. Then you’ve to mention icon name after class ‘fa’.  In the following example, I’m showing book icon

<i class='fa fa-book'></i>

Above code will produce following result

We can use custom class to control the icon like

<i class='fa fa-book icon-control'></i>

<style type='text/css'> .icon-control{ font-size: 36px; color: green; } </style>

and it produces following output

You can get all FontAwesome icons with their names, unicode and hexcode here.

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